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SCHEDULE OF VALUES UNIVERSITY ARCHITECT NAME CONTRACTOR S NAME CONTRACT NUMBER ADDRESS DESCRIPTION APPROVED TELEPHONE NO. Signature DATE ITEM NO. TYPE OF CONTRACT NUMBER AND KIND OF UNIT COST PER UNIT MATERIAL COST LABOR AND OTHER COST I we hereby certify that the above is a true and correct breakdown including all materials accessories labor insurance etc* per contract requirements. Title Date Signature of Contractor s Authorized Representative Signature of University Representative approval...
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Good day and welcome to HVAC 350 this will be a short lecture on a schedule of values assignment which I've made as a bonus assignment it will not count against you in the class if you do it'll be extra credit points for the class itself what I'd like to do is just talk about the schedule of values real quick again a schedule values its purpose is to is to justify monetarily what we're trying to build for on a project it also pulls it will resemble it could resemble the actual schedule of the project it doesn't have to but really this is set up so by CSI specification section we have some type of labor materials assigned to it now if we look at this sample one that I'm asking you to do these items right here are all going to be subcontractors if I were to come in and look at this project here you can see that's for example we have a hydronic heating subcontractor marked up at twenty-seven thousand five hundred and twenty-two dollars so what I would want to do if we look at the hydronic system here it's 45% material which would be fifty five percent labor for that part of the project so if I were to go ahead and put this in here again the number the total number for it is going to be twenty where do they put ten twenty seven thousand five hundred twenty two dollars and when I put that number in there I have to break out the labor and materials portion of it so if I were to take 45% for the materials portion it would end up being twelve thousand and three eighty four ninety and for the labor portion would be fifteen thousand one thirty seven ten and what that would do is again this is the marked up price that's going to be on our estimate and what we want to do is just fill that there was numbers and as we go along now one of the things in the lecture that I gave you on the schedule of values is we have to put in a mobilization fee I would put in five percent of the contract amount the contract amount from the from the Excel spreadsheet that I gave you was nine fifty eight one eighty eight nine hundred fifty eight thousand one eighty eight so I put five percent of that there I don't believe there was a performance panse about go to zero there's project management and coordination that's in the project in one of the sheets you want to put in again that would be a marked up price so it'd be the number that we might have in this sheet here and if I were to find that see it might be right here you can see project management numbers here you can see the dollar amounts that they are this here is a certain cost for it you'll be when you look at the recap sheet the project management is just part of this sheet here and these are cost numbers off of those sheets for materials and labor so what I would ask you to do is to go ahead as you do this and when you use any of the sheets that are in here and again like this information here I would go ahead and I would make sure you mark that up whatever the overhead percentage is for the project which I believe...